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Exfoliating Weekly Peel Pads

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Fight Back With Exfoliating Weekly Peel Pads.

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Acne has beaten up your skin and your self-esteem for long enough. Are you ready to fight back? Dr. Ted Lain has created a line of acne treatment products in Austin for patients who need a secret weapon in the fight for clear skin. Our Exfoliating Weekly Peel Pads could be exactly what you’re looking for. These pads deeply exfoliate the skin, creating the equivalent of an in-office chemical peel. With a product like that on your side, acne doesn’t stand a chance.

Our Exfoliating Weekly Peel Pads, like our daily pads, consist of both alpha and beta hydroxy acids—that’s glycolic, lactic, and salicylic acids all in one formula. Thanks to all of these acne-fighting ingredients, our pads penetrate into the deep layers of the skin, working much like a chemical peel you could receive in our office. The combination of the hydroxy acids and the exfoliation results in a light, one- or two-day peel. It clears out blackheads and whiteheads, and prevents them from showing up again. After using these pads just once or twice a week, many of our patients notice an immediate improvement in their skin brightness and complexion.

If it seems like you’ve tried every acne treatment in Austin without success, try Dr. Ted Lain’s Exfoliating Weekly Peel Pads today. Even if you only suffer from minor acne, this product can help your skin too. Simply use the pads twice during the week in the summertime, and once during the week in the winter and fall. You will start to see more even coloring, smoother skin texture, and fewer blemishes. Use the pads in conjunction with some of our other acne treatments in Austin, and you can say goodbye to that pimple on your nose. A healthier, happier you is just around the corner—give us a call today.

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Additional Info

Skin TypeAcneic Skin
Size60 pads





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