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Dermalux Lightening Cream

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Fix sun damage with Dermalux.

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When the sun is shining down on a warm day, you can’t help smiling. Sunlight contributes to our mental, emotional, and physical health; it is literally a source of life. Unfortunately, its UV rays can also cause a slew of problems if we aren’t careful. On the brightest beach day or the greyest winter afternoon, harmful UV rays penetrate the atmosphere and damage our skin. Minor side effects include discoloration or burning, but more serious conditions like skin cancer can follow.

If you didn’t include enough sunscreen in your skincare routine growing up in Austin, you might be facing the consequences now. Dr. Ted Lain, your local dermatologist, has the perfect product for you to reverse sun damage from the past and prevent it in the future.

Skin Lightening and Protection

When you combine Dermalux treatment with Retinol and C+T Ferulic, you get a triple threat skin care routine to protect against that Austin sunshine. Dermalux is a powerful product made up of antioxidants, emollients, and lightening agents that works to lighten dark spots and guard your skin against further sun damage. After a few weeks of treatment, you should start to see sunspots fade and your skin tone even out. With this extra boost, you can get your sun protection habits back on track and say goodbye to UV ray damage.

A Bright, New You

With an experienced dermatologist like Dr. Lain and a skincare routine like the Skin+Metrics product line, you are sure to achieve the results you want. All of the products work in conjunction to provide you with the building blocks of healthier, younger-looking skin. We’ll show you how to get that sunny glow back in your skin without the sun damage. A bright, new you is just a phone call away. Visit our office today for an initial consultation.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Skin TypeHyperpigmented & Sun-Damaged Skin
Size1 oz.





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