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Daily Purifying Cream Cleanser

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Stay Clean and Hydrated with the Daily Purifying Cream Cleanser

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When you have naturally dry skin, keeping your face moisturized can be quite a challenge. And when the weather turns cold and dry in winter, it becomes nearly impossible. Many cleansers strip away all the dirt and grime, but they also take the moisture from your skin. You need a product that keeps that moisture in your skin while sloughing the impurities off. Does a cleanser like that even exist?

We have some great news for you—it does exist, and it’s right here in your community. Dr. Ted Lain has worked to develop his very own line of Skin+Metrics products, formulas at the cutting edge of Austin dermatology. Among these products is the Daily Purifying Cream Cleanser, and it may be the solution to your skincare troubles.

Exfoliation for Dry Skin

Exfoliating is important to clear and healthy skin; you slough away the dead skin cells and dirt that builds up to reveal newer, healthier skin underneath. But when you are fighting to keep your skin hydrated, rough and drying exfoliation seems to be out of the question.

That’s why our cream cleanser is formulated with lactic acid, a gentle exfoliating ingredient. Lactic acid is one of several alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) used for exfoliation, but it is the mildest of the group. We have chosen it specifically for our Daily Purifying Cream Cleanser; you can thoroughly cleanse your skin without over-drying it. Plus, the cream formula makes it ideal for daily use.

Care for Your Skin

If you have struggled to find the right products for your skin, look no further than Dr. Ted Lain’s office. The Daily Purifying Cream Cleanser is only one of many products that have been designed to work for specific skin types. With the help of Dr. Lain, you can pair the cleanser with any of our moisturizers, toners, and specialty products to create a skincare routine tailored perfectly to your needs. After you discover our product line, you’ll wonder why dermatology care in Austin seemed so complicated before. Call today to schedule your first appointment, and uncover the skin you’ve always wanted.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Skin TypeDry Skin
Size6 oz.





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